Photo: Visit Greenland, Rebecca Gustafsson 

Photo: Visit Greenland, Rebecca Gustafsson 


For 4 years in a row, Nuuk Nordic has taken part in setting the standard, for how far art and culture can go, within Nordic collaboration. In 2015 and 2017, Nuuk - the capital of Greenland - hosted one of the most honest, concentrated and inclusive platforms for artistic development, collaboration and inspiration. Nuuk Nordic is a week long celebration of arts and culture in all forms, far from the hear of the Nordic region but in that sense also close to the heart of Nordic collaboration. 

Greenland is the Arctic window in the Nordic region - the physical location puts the island in a tense, where all things wonderful and wonderous happens and fantastic arts rises up - from the heart of cultures, values, peoples and societies, meeting in a very visible and audible manne, with the brutal backdrop of Greenlandic nature. 

Nuuk Nordic offers a broad program with multimodal productions, that involve the audience in co-creation and participation, that blurs the lines between entertainment and art, performer and spectator, audience and venue. 

The festival breaks down the barriers, all to create a new framework where unexpected meetings and new relations can happen. The result of this is a many facetted program, created in a vulnerable proces. 

The 2017 edition of the festival presented 275 artists, 300 delegates and official guests, spread out on more than 250 events and 50 venues. 

The core values of the festival are:

  • Nordic collaboration
  • Participation culture
  • Co-creation

Nuuk Nordic is initiated and owned by Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and the Nordic Institute in Greenland