Nuuk Nordic is a contemporary arts- and culture festival, that presents a range of new productions, guestplays, concerts and much more, across art forms. For one week, the festival plays out in more than 50 venues in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk.

Theatre, dance, visual arts, music, litterature and much more is presented anywhere from in theaters, to libraries, public spaces, storage facilities and industrial areas, all over town.

In Nuuk Nordic, we create culture together, in close collaboration between artists, audiences, volunteers and arts- and culture institutions from all over the North. Nuuk Nordic is for Nuuk, while also being a unique meeting space for artists, with room and opportunity for working in new formats.

As part of a composed and complex Nordic and Arctic landscape, the festival explores historical, cultural and spiritual dimensions of Nordic collaboration. In this way, we challenge the way we see oursevels and throw new light on the world around us.

Apart from exhibitions, concerts, perfomances and readings, a wide range of workshops, seminars, public talks and more, is presented to inspire artists and audiences alke.

The festival was born in 2015 and takes place every second year, in Nuuk.

Photo: Torben Eskerod

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